We plan to carry more supplements AND unique specialty and gift items.
  • Specialty pill boxes- perfect to carry in your purse or pocket, or give as a gift for that special someone.
  • 100% cotton purses and make-up bags in stunning colors and patterns- perfect for carrying your supplements, skin care products, and medications.
  • Jewelry, scarves, full-spectrum lights, and more!
If there are any other items you would like to see us carry, please let us know. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions!


We carry an extensive line of health-related books on many topics, including BHRT, fibromyalgia, diabetes, nutrition, and many more. We plan to expand our library of books and provide our customers with a place to sit comfortably and read. We are calling it a Book Nook, and it will be located in the back of the pharmacy. Stop in from time to time and check out the progress of our Book Nook!

In addition, we plan to have a Wellness Board which will be located in the Book Nook area. It will contain articles on various health-related topics. The Wellness Board will change from time to time and may also contain news or announcements about the pharmacy!


We have plans to develop a STERILE LABORATORY. This will give us the ability to make injectables and eye medications for both humans and animals.


To make sure we continue to produce quality medications, we send out our final products to an independent laboratory for accuracy testing.

These test results provide us with valuable information about our products, but even more so, they give our patients the reassurance that: OUR PRODUCTS ARE WHAT WE SAY THEY ARE - QUALITY, AND ACCURATE!

We will be publishing these test results on our website in the near future. Watch for them soon!

Continuing our commitment to customer service…

We plan to host Speakers, Seminars, Webinars, and Support Groups on various health and wellness topics.
  • Is there a particular health issue you would be interested in learning about in a seminar or webinar?
  • Is there a particular speaker you would like to hear?
  • Is there a particular support group you would be interested in attending?
We welcome your input! Please use the CONTACT THE PHARMACIST form or email katematar@yahoo.com with your ideas.

Thank you!
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