“Wellness Works”

Continuing NWPC’s Mission of Quality…

At NWPC, we believe that dietary supplements, such as vitamins, minerals and herbs can play a key role in preventing many health problems as well as complementing traditional drug therapies. That is why we carry our own line of professionally formulated pharmaceutical quality supplements from Wellness Works.

We are completely confident in recommending Wellness Works products to our patients because of their rigorous manufacturing practices and procedures. In fact, they monitor and verify quality every step of the way, from the receipt of raw materials to the finished product.

What Make Wellness Works Products Pharmaceutical Quality?

  • They will only accept raw materials that have documentation to ensure their quality and safety.
  • Ingredients must be successfully tested by PCCA’s Quality Control Department before they can be released for use in a product.
  • The manufacturing process is constantly supervised by a highly skilled and dedicated staff and must adhere to strict Standard Operating Procedures.
  • They are an ISO certified and accredited manufacturer, which means they have quality control procedures in place that adhere to a set of tightly controlled procedures.
  • All of these manufacturing controls assure that the final product has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that it claims to possess.

There are no finer products available anywhere, at any price!

  • We welcome your questions!
  • Feel free to call or stop in the pharmacy to discuss your health concerns.
  • We may have just what you need-
Wellness that Works!

Wellness Works is a brand of supplements manufactured by PCCA (Professional Compounding Center of America.)

Wellness Works supplements can only be sold by pharmacies who are members of PCCA.

Who is PCCA?
  • PCCA is an organization, owned and operated by pharmacists, solely for the needs of top-notch compounders.
  • PCCA tests everything they purchase, and if it does not meet their standards, they reject it.
  • They also provide us with a staff of over 50 pharmacists who serve as specialty consultants.
  • These are some of the many benefits to being a member of PCCA!
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