We are USP 800 compliant

We are a compounding only pharmacy! We do not dispense regular medications in addition to compounding, as some pharmacies do.

Our specialty and focus is entirely on compounding, therefore we have invested in the highest caliber equipment and delivery systems.

Our equipment is technologically state-of-the-art. This gives us an edge-up on quality. We are able to prepare things that other pharmacies cannot.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Electronic Mortar & Pestle (EMP)
    This machine spins at 5000 rpm’s, which perfectly mixes and creates a drug which is far superior to what the traditional mortar and pestle creates. The EMP has ten pre-set computer programs to mix gels, creams, lotions, solutions and suspensions.We can even pre-mix ingredients for capsules, while most pharmacies are still using the mortar and pestle method! This creates a finished product that has all ingredients more consistently and evenly distributed throughout each capsule.BETTER ACCURACY = HIGHER QUALITY!
  2. Analytical Balance
    This balance measures to one-tenth of a milligram versus other machines which measure only to one milligram. Manufacturers and other compounding pharmacies are allowed an accuracy of only plus or minus 10%, but our accuracy far surpasses that. Our Analytical Balance allows us to strive for a plus or minus 1% accuracy.BETTER ACCURACY = HIGHER QUALITY!
  3. Ointment Machine
    This machine pulverizes drug particles in the ointment to near invisible, (micronized) sizes. When utilized with the EMP machine, a vastly superior drug delivery system is achieved.BETTER DISPERSEMENT = HIGHER QUALITY!