We are USP 800 compliant

Compounding is a very exact science!

To do it well, it takes:

  • TIME – time to select, consult, build and package quality medications.
  • RESOURCES – resources to create a facility with adequate space and lighting, the highest quality ingredients, and the finest, most technologically advanced equipment.
  • KNOWLEDGE – knowledge of compounding techniques, formulations, and dosage vehicles.
  • FOCUS – focus on the many details required of compounding, such as accurately measuring and choosing the best vehicle, to name a few.

Unfortunately, some pharmacists do not have the time, resources, knowledge, or focus to do an adequate job of compounding, mostly because they are distracted by filling regular medications in addition to compounding.

This is why we compound only! It makes it possible for us to create a quality product – because our focus is entirely on compounding!

Continuing our commitment to quality…

Dear Practitioners:

At NWPC, we wish to EARN your trust. Please take a moment from your busy schedule and visit our facility anytime. I will personally take the time to give you a tour, answer your questions, and tell you about our future plans.

We want to become an integral part of your practice. Seeing HOW we prepare medications is one of the many ways we build your confidence in us. Many practitioners have already visited us and have been impressed by our “open-door” policy. They have experienced our quality, accuracy and integrity first-hand!

Now it’s your turn. Drop in for a visit and watch your confidence in us grow!

Hope to see you soon,
Michael S. Jones RPh.

P.S Feel free to call me anytime with questions about formulations or dosing. I’m here for you!